Maple Library Reference

This page lists the extra libraries that are part of the Maple IDE (along with the rest of libmaple). You can use a library from within a sketch by going to Sketch > Import Library... from within the IDE, then choosing the library you want.

Any incompatibilities between the Maple and Arduino versions of a library are noted in the library’s documentation.

Looking for Something Else?

  • See the Maple Language Reference for information on the core functions used for programming a Maple board.
  • If you’re looking for something from the C standard library (like atoi(), for instance): the CodeSourcery GCC compiler used to compile your programs is configured to link against newlib, and allows the use of any of its header files. However, dynamic memory allocation (malloc(), etc.) is not available.
  • If you’re looking for low-level hardware support libraries, see the libmaple Reference.


The Servo library is provided for convenient control of RC servomotors.


The LiquidCrystal library allows Maple to control LCD screens. For more information, see the Arduino LiquidCrystal documentation.

Arduino Compatibility

At this time, no incompatibilities between the Maple and Arduino versions are known (although the Maple version should perform significantly faster). Any observed differences should be considered bugs, and reported on the forums.


We currently provide a soft (bit-banged) implementation of the Wire I2C library. A hardware version is planned for Maple IDE release 0.1.0.